Day 1


First day of students after two weeks of preparation and pd.  Because Powerschool was down for a few days due to a cooling failure at some data center in New Jersey, our schedules got finished up over the weekend.  This morning’s surprise was finding out that my physics classroom was going to host a Biology class and a Chemistry class during planning periods.  Fortunately my colleagues are awesome about sharing rooms, and our principal is working on getting more whiteboards installed quickly to facilitate better sharing.

In Physics I used Frank Noschese’s subversive grouping game (with a few additional groups of my own).  The debrief was a great way to show how new data will force you to discard your first theory.  Then I had them write up Claim, Evidence and Reasoning on their category.  Good way to show that Evidence is just data, no interpretation.

In digital electronics (a Project Lead The Way class) we started the marshmallow challenge but ran out of time.