Day 10 (Mon)


Physics – Started class with a quick discussion of rate & slope.  Then had them share their predictions for where the buggy would be after 30 seconds.  Went into the hallway where we tested their prediction (after 1st period took too long, I set up a full course during planning for the rest of the classes).  Then we started the CVPM notes with their observations from the lab.

*Over the weekend, in between bike racing, I noted the students that were missing some key skills from their math pre-tests and that bombed the quiz on metric conversions and graphing.  Students that were missing skills I explicitly told to focus on those skills in their ALEKS math program.  Students that bombed a section of the quiz had to commit to office hours after school to get help/practice on that standard.  I am so proud that I could actually use data so quickly to remediate.

Digital Electronics – I gave them 10 minutes to finish their conclusions from the basic circuit investigation.  Then we took notes on Voltage, Current, Resistance and series vs. parallel circuits.  I used a ton of analogies, which I rarely do in physics because I don’t want them over-extending an analogy in physics.  In DE, I don’t care so long as they can build their circuits properly.