Day 12 (Wed)


Physics – In a mad scramble last night, I revised a 6 year old lab on using the Vernier motion detectors with carts and tracks.  I added the typical section in front where students had to walk a described motion, and sketch the graph.  Then they had to figure out the motion that matched with 4 position vs. time graphs.  The back page of the lab was an introduction to using the motion detector with pasco carts & tracks.  Most groups only started the back page – they’ll get some time to finish the lab tomorrow.

Digital Electronics – All the students were very comfortable with scientific notation, so explaining metric conversions was incredibly easy.  They put the metric units from Mega to pico in their Engineer’s notebooks for reference.  They also started cutting and stripping wires for their personal breadboard wire kits.  *I realized afterwards that I should have provided long pre-cut strands of different colors so all students could make their tiny cuts and stripping ends at the same time.